General presentation of the project

Driven by the need to make alternative real estate financing even more understandable given its context and outlook, which no study in France has done, Céline Mahinc is conducting a new study on this issue, in co-edition with the Institut de l'Epargne Immobilière et Foncière (IEIF).

Following the success of publications on real estate crowdfunding, all the players in the market have already confirmed the feasibility and the interest of this study.

This new FintechImmo study on alternative real estate financing is pursuing several goals:

  • Supporting the reflection of the market players by improving the transparency of the real estate sector, by developing new analysis methods and thereby encouraging interdisciplinary reasoning;
  • Promoting access to the market for companies and investors, thereby strengthening the competitiveness of the financial marketplace and Fintech companies;
  • Giving strong visibility for each stakeholder as a player in this developing market.

This in-depth study is intended not only for experts, but also for the most involved stakeholders: business leaders/owners - project sponsors, management companies, and investors.

The purpose of this study is also to offer a clear overview for each financing and investment option, via a directory.

To achieve this, Céline Mahinc and the IEIF have collected data from more than 60 crowdfunding platforms and management companies, relating to alternative real estate financing in France, while also working closely with inter-professional experts.

NB: the FintechImmo study is the complement to the study conducted by the IEIF with the support of PWC on the "Professional real estate market financing in France" covering the Assets & Corporate component and the Promoters component, an essential tool for players in professional real estate market financing to manage their business.